Climate Justice 2023 – SCORP Tree Project

Pulau Pari is located in the administrative region of Kepulauan Seribu Selatan, Kabupaten Kepulauan Seribu, Provinsi DKI Jakarta. The inhabitants of Pulau Pari are people who have migrated in search of fortune since colonial times. They have lived and raised families on the island over time, working as fishermen and seaweed cultivators. Gradually, as tourism activities developed, the residents of Pulau Pari also began to switch professions to traders and tourism service providers.


Pulau Pari has always been affected by tidal floods, but in recent years, the floods have increased dramatically in both frequency and intensity.
In 2020, there was a tidal flood that reached the mainland and the residential areas of Pulau Pari. Consequences include wells contaminated by saltwater, dead trees, beaches, and houses submerged by the flood. This poses a threat to the inhabitants of Pulau Pari as it impacts tourism and the biodiversity that is their main source of livelihood.

Pulau Pari is threatened with submersion due to the continuously rising sea levels. The climate crisis has made the local residents always on alert for sudden floods.


Climate change in Pulau Pari has led to rising sea levels, storms, high waves or storm surges, and extreme weather that causes flooding. The higher the global temperature, the more frequent and extreme the floods. This poses an existential threat to small islands and areas with low-lying coastlines.

One of the world’s largest building materials producer company who is currently operating 269 cement plants in various countries, has one of its locations in Pulau Pari. The company’s business operations have contributed to climate change for decades. However, the company has managed to double its CO2 emissions over time, which has adversely affected the community in Pari.

Damage and losses due to climate change, caused by floods, heatwaves, storms, and droughts, have already occurred in various places. However, the most responsible parties – namely industrial nations and global corporations – continue to delay political resolutions year after year, while this dangerous development, especially in the Southern countries, has become a real threat.

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